Can my child attend both public/private school and attend Ascend?

As long as their main form of schooling is homeschooling, they can.  If they are homeschooled and take a few classes at a public or private school, they may still be able to attend Ascend. If your child's main enrollment is in the public or private school, they will not be able to attend our full-day Ascend program.    


Is Ascend accredited in the state of Indiana?

No, we are not.  In order to maintain the freedom to choose our curriculum, manage the content and standards taught, and to avoid the requirement of state-mandated testing, we are choosing not to become officially accredited.  In addition, since we only meet one day a week and require our students to be homeschooled, the parent still maintains the majority of the responsibility of their child's education.  


Can my child attend Ascend Spanish without attending the full-day Ascend program?

Yes, they can!  


If I am using a different type of curriculum for a subject, can I forgo the curriculum Ascend is using and use my own?

Yes!  We value and desire the parent to use Ascend as a tool to help further your child's homeschooling education, so we want to maintain flexibility to help you customize what is best for your child.  If you wish to use a different type of curriculum, we will work around your preference.  The teachers will still use the set curriculum, but your child will be exempt from those assignments. 


What if we have circumstances that keep us from finishing some of the assignments?
You are able to pick and choose what your child finishes or skips.  Our assignment sheets are guidelines to be followed, but are not required.   Our teachers are willing to work with any parent to figure out a plan that best helps students.   




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