Let us partner with you to educate and equip your student!

  • On campus, students will engage in:

    • Group discussions​

    • Weekly presentations

    • Hands-on science experiments

    • Guest speakers

    • Teacher led lessons

  • Fraction of the cost of private school education.

Teachers provide assignment sheets to guide their students through the week using Christian based curriculum.  Students will have accountability for finishing their weekly assignments when not in class.  Parents will grade weekly assignments, but students will be turning them in to their classroom teacher each week to show their progress. 

What is the "Trivium"?

The Trivium is the foundation of a Classical Education and comprises three time-tested phases of learning.  

  • Phase 1 - The Grammar Stage teaches young children knowledge and fundamentals.  Ascend Grades Kindergarten-5th

  •  Phase 2 - The Logic Stage teaches young teens to learn reasoning, formal and informal, and how to argue with wisdom and logic.  Ascend Grades 6-8

  • Phase 3 - The Rhetoric Stage teaches young adults wisdom.  High School 


   A typical Ascend classroom day covers core subjects such as Math, Science, History, Literature, and Vocabulary or Spelling.   Confidence is built through weekly presentations.  Curriculum based science experiments and guest speakers give students hands-on, real life learning.

Grade K-4

Honing in on lower elementary  grammar skills (Phase 1 of trivium), students participate in leveled reading groups using Reading A to Z, develop an understanding of what makes a good writer while introducing Institute of Excellence in Writing basics, and engage in quality, classic literature, as well as obtain fine arts enrichment.

Grade 4-6

Our upper elementary class will engage in group discussion through Logic and Literature, strengthen skills using Institute of Excellence in Writing, and develop independent planning skills of weekly assignments.  Students will continue Phase 1, grammar stage,  of the trivium and begin to ease into Phase 2, the logic stage.

Grade 7-8

Our middle School students are now squarely in phase 2 of the trivium - the logic phase. This group is questioning everything and our curriculum meets them head on.  They will be challenged with a classical approach through learning history, literature, writing, and logic.  Group discussions encourage students' diversity in learning.  

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